What is a “fee only” financial planner (and why you should choose one)?

Rauschenberger Financial Advisors is a “fee only” financial planning firm.   By “fee only”, we mean that we do not sell any products or earn any commissions so we avoid any potential conflicts of interest or institutional biases when we provide our financial advice.  Instead, we provide fix fees on an hourly or annual retainer basis based solely on the mutually agreed scope of work for our clients.

We believe it is a superior model for our clients as it eliminates any need for us to be constantly “selling” our clients,  avoids the conflicts of interest inherent in a commission based model,  gives the client greater control over what they pay each year, is totally transparent and in our case is based each year on the actual work performed not on arbitrary assets values.

If you would like learn more or discuss your situation, please free to visit our website (www.AskRFA.com) or give us a call at 847-802-2500.   The first introductory meeting is always on a no obligation basis.