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Rauschenberger Financial Advisors

Independent – Fee-only – Hourly - Fiduciary

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Our mission at Rauschenberger Financial Advisors (RFA) is to help our clients achieve financial confidence, clarity, and success by providing affordable and objective advice on an hourly or project basis.

We are an independent “advice only” firm.  I  do not sell any products or earn any commissions.  Therefore, I can offer objective advice and recommend the most appropriate solutions at the best value without any conflict of interest or institutional biases.

Typically, I start with the end in mind or in other words, your goals, dreams, and desires.  I then gather and organize your financial history, analyze it, research key issues when needed, formulate a plan, present it for your approval and then, finally, help you implement it.

Common engagements are:


Retirement Planning for individuals and couples aged 50 plus who are seeking a confirmation of their retirement readiness and to create a plan to create a successful retirement. 


Financial Planning for mid-career individuals and couples seeking to organize their financial lives, to review their current strategies or to address specific issues such as a house purchase, educational savings, or family issues.   


Financial Coaching for young individuals and couples who seek to get a head start on their goals and a bit of financial coaching.

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